Mar de Sines

Sea of Sines

Opening film

Sagres Fortress
1st de September, 9 p.m, Free Admission
with the director’s presence Diogo Vilhena and the producer António Campos
Portugal, 2016, DOC, HD, Cor, 72’

Sines, industrial complex and Atlantic port. The contours of the big ships on the horizon have already become a familiar image. But among these giants, resists a generation that represents the traditional fishing and resilience of an activity that stubbornly resists the passage of time. Between tradition and innovation, fishing continues to be in Sines a living force. The sea is the point of attraction where all the protagonists converge. This sea is both the adversary to face and the paternal figure who gives sustenance.
For a year, the Mar de Sines team traveled along this coast and lived directly with their coastal communities, recording the way they live with the sea and its resources. Result of more than 100 interviews and 250 hours of recordings, the documentary “Mar de Sines” is a film project with the community. Collective memory sheet narrated in the first person, it collects the testimonies of three generations of fishermen who have the opportunity to mark the sea of the southwest: what the sea offers and what the sea claims; the charm of the sea and its harsh reality.
The fishing port and its people fill the main nucleus of “Sea of Sines”, but the film sails to other territories: it finds the last fishermen-cabaneiros of San Torpes; it walks the rocky coast with the shellfish-fishermen; listen to the memories of the fishermen from above; plunges into the depths of the ocean.
The film was directed by Diogo Vilhena, with production and assistance of António Campos and original soundtrack by Charlie Mancini, with the participation of musicians from the region.

Festivals and awards: Directors Diogo Vilhena

Directed by: Diogo Vilhena | Production and Direction Assistance: António Campos | Original Soundtrack: Charlie Mancini | Production Support: DocaPesca – Ports and Lots, APS – Administration of the Ports of Sines and Algarve SA, Mare, Oceanic, Ramirez, Girassol Cinema | Support: Parish Council of Sines, Parish Council of Porto Covo | Technical Image Development: EF -Fernandes Studio | Aerial Images: Máquina Voadora Productions | Soundproofing and Soundtrack: Fuga Studio | A Production of: Sines Town Hall

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