Medronho Todos os Dias

Medronho Every Day

Closing film

Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar
September 29th, 9 pm, Free Admission

Portugal, 2017, DOC, HD, Color, 53 ‘

With the presence of the Confranerty of Medronho “Os Monchiqueiros” and taste of medronho – integrated in the JEP – European Heritage Days

This film accompanies the unique knowledge of the process of production of the medronho spirit and its presence throughout the region of Monchique, Algarve, through the voice (and body) of the distillers that prolong this artisan art. His isolation in the mountain range and his patient labor reveal a particular notion of the time and effort inseparable from the ancestral rooting of this empirical knowledge. The filming took place for one year in the regions of Monchique and Marmelete, to capture the different stages of production of medronho brandy: from the fruit harvest (between September and November) to the distillery (between January and March) , culminating in the collective celebration, present at the end of the film through the slaughter of the pig and the spontaneity of the Choral Group of the Fraternity of Medronho.
Unedo Omnes Dies (Medronho Every Day) is precisely the motto of the Fraternity of Medronho ‘Os Monchiqueiros’, which promotes and disseminates the culture of this fruit, not only in its relation with the production of the brandy but above all in the resonance of the cultural richness that is associated to it. Without pretending to illustrate the specificity inherent in the production, this documentary focuses on the individual experience and world-view of each distiller, and through it we seek to find a deep connection to a shared collective and communal heritage.

Direction, Sound and Image: Sílvia Coelho and Paulo Raposo | With the participation of: Joaquim Valério, Joaquim Arracha, Joaquim Teixeira, José Viana, Leonilde Viana, José da Silva, José Rosende, Coral Group of the Confranerty of Medronho ‘Os Monchiqueiros.

Festivals and Awards: Directors Sílvia Coelho and Paulo Raposo

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