Pedra e Cal

Stone and Whitewash

Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe

September 22nd, 9 pm, Free Admission

Portugal, 2016, DOC, HD, Cor, 55’

A film about rural houses in southeast Alentejo, very similar to the Algarve regions, showing the relationship between the present and memories evoked in the intimacy of the home. An inquiry into the emotions and social imaginary to which traditional architecture is attached. We see here, in particular, the objects that have been chosen to maintain in the interiors of the houses and that exposes a past lived like nostalgic and hard, but whose traces are still in the landscape.

The empty days in the almost empty houses are revisited by Catarina Alves Costa, who, with this film, at the same time that witnesses the depopulation that condemns the interior of the Alentejo, one of the most isolated regions of Portugal, intends to leave these days an ordered geometry, the impeccable disposition and the clean light that care for those who, soon, will disappear. There are few (almost none) in the documentary, children – even a dog is already old. But they have time on their side. When a documentary distances the rhythm of images, when it accepts the time of what it documents, it begins to cross the frontier of the poetic gaze: it is at this threshold that, through the fault of the object that it looks, but above all through the gaze with which looks to, by the discreet voice that interrogates, Catarina Alves Costa’s film.

“The darkness of the whitewash” * – About Pedra e Cal, by Ana Isabel Soares / 09 03 2017


Direction: Catarina Alves Costa | Photography: Olga Ramos | Sound: Isabel Dias Martins | Executive Production: Maria Ribeiro Soares | Edition: Pedro Duarte | Post-production: Graça Castanheira

Festivals and Awards:  Directors Catarina Alves Costa

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