Ermida N.ª S.ª de Guadalupe


Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Although the cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe spread in Portuguese territory shortly after the Battle of Salado in 1340, some decorative elements of the Hermitage, such as the strings and human figures of the capitals, have late Gothic characteristics, which indicates that the building dates back to the mid 15th century.

Located between Christian Europe and the Islamic Maghreb, the cult gains importance due to the frequent clashes with the Moors and the need to rescue the captive Christians, since the king had instituted the alphaqueque in the Algarve, installing it in the zone for the better negotiate counterparts. The decorative program of the hermitage should be related to the support of the captives, with representations of human masks, ropes and nets.


Access: From the A22 – Via do Infante, head towards Lagos. Leave the A22 at the exit to EN 125, direction Vila do Bispo. The Ermida is located 200 meters north of the road, 17 km after Lagos and 2 km before Raposeira.

Public transportation: Bus – Regular hourly careers between Portimão / Lagos and Vila do Bispo / Sagres. More information on: Eva Transportes

On foot: Very beautiful and easy course, where the land ends and the sea begins, with gentle hills and the rugged nature of the Atlantic coast. It is the old medieval route of pilgrimage to S. Vicente. The summer temperature is typically mild and the fresh sea breeze almost constant. The hermitage is four hours away from Lagos and less than an hour away from Vila do Bispo. Do not forget the Algarve sun. Remember your hat, sunscreen and lots of water.

By bike: Although there is no road for cycling the road has wide berms and allows the use of bicycles in relatively safe conditions. One hour from Lagos and 15 minutes from Vila do Bispo.

By car and motorcycle: Modern, wide road with good carpet. There is parking space at the entrance to the monument.

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