Fortaleza de Sagres

Sagres Fortress – Sagres, a crossroads of routes between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, a fishing port and merchants of several nations, but also, an area devastated by privateers. The imposing fortification of Sagres is the human extension of the natural rock and has for centuries been the main piazza of a geopolitical maritime defensive system.
The policy of Portuguese Expansion in the 15th and 16th centuries led to the foundation of Vila do Infante. Thus, Vila do Infante and Sagres are confused in the unfolding of the times.
Integrating the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, the Promontory of Sagres presents an interesting fauna and floristic biodiversity and unique endemism that all visitors can observe.
Sagres, a place of memory where nature, the sacred and man have always been combined symbiotically, generating religious cults and historical, political, and tourist myths.


Access: From the A22 – Via do Infante, follow to Lagos, then exit at the Lagos / Vila do Bispo node, enter EN 125 until Vila do Bispo and then EN268 until Sagres.

The Monument has accessibility for users of reduced mobility to historical route, promontory and exhibition center. It has parking for light vehicles and buses.

Public transportation: Bus, intercity bus Lagos – Sagres – Lagos. More information on: Eva Transportations – Interurban Careers

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